The Advocacy & Legal Advice Centre (ALAC) is an institution of the Trinidad and Tobago Transparency Institute (TTTI), providing free legal advice and assistance to persons who are victims of or witnesses to acts of corruption.


Legal Advice & Assistance

We will provide free legal advice to help you pursue your complaint. We will ensure that a formal complaint will be received by the law enforcement agencies for further action.


We will raise awareness on the different types of corruption issues. We will advocate on the rights and responsibilities of citizens in the fight against corruption.

Capacity Building

We will work in support of the existing state authorities in strengthening their capacities to process complaints.

Complaints Prodecure

Step 1

Schedule an Interview


Once a member of the public (the client) contacts the ALAC via telephone, email or mail, an interview will then be scheduled. In order for the complaint to proceed, the client must complete the Complaint Form.

Step 2

Complete Complaint Form


At the interview, the Complaint Form and Consent Form must be completed. The client should also provide copies of supporting documents and supporting evidence.

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